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Mountain Bride

The story of a luscious hill girl who started a feud when she gave her heart to a city man.  Rhonda Fleming and Joseph Cotton also star in other stories by Peggy Gaddis, available from Cameo Books in a plain brown wrapper.

The salt of the earth

One for all and the devil take the hindmost.
Two wrongs that don’t make a right.
Three men in a tub, and who do you think they were?
The foreskinned fathers of the church minus the relic.
Five maids a-milking in their silk stockings
Six ways to skin a cat, as the lumberjacks used to say.
Seven brides for seven brothers.
All too big for their britches as they head for the trenches.
One said she was possessed of the devil.

Whittled down

I was whittled down to one four-character domain, following all the princes of history.

Here was the woman who drove them mad as hatters while tightening the band. She had ten galleons of fortitude and a honeycomb smile worth its wait in sixpacks.

Confessions of a mammal

Hi, I’m hairy. I have a spine. I’m warm blooded. Mating may result in a live birth.

Please to forgive me, but I am also a primate. Prehensile tale, five fingers on my left hand, no end of words on the tip of my tongue, a couple thumbs, opposable. A spanner in the works.

My people used to run naked in the Africa, and spread to the warm California sun. In those days they used to appreciate a person with a little common sense. But those days are long gone.

Coolio on Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl

From the February 2, 2004, edition.

damm yomama

her new album drops next week. coincidence? i think nay. and yes, this was part of the act. supposedly MTV as well as CBS knew about it.

It’s too bad that Shania Twain performed at the Superbowl LAST YEAR.

I’ve seen better in National Geographic! This ho is a skanky has-been!!!

omg that is going to leave me a very horrible thought

Yeah i saw that shit when it happened, i was like “HOT DAMN,DID I JUST SEE JANETS TIT POP OUT, OR AN I REALLY FN DRUNK?”

The one tit is not really happy there, its all misshapen and uncomfortable-looking. Definately NOT attractive at all. How embarrassing for everyone who looked on.

Piss poor. This was a bad display. I am glad the FCC will be doing something about this.

That was definitely staged; why else would she have had a pasty covering her nipple???? But, it’s always nice to see a celebrities goods!!! Glad I was taping the Superbowl…

nicebuds: could rip it to DivX please 🙂

The TV stations here in Belgium didn’t broadcast the Superbowl and this edition appears to be the best in years.

thank god in brazil we never watch superbowl

they have the movie,some pics and the gif of it.

It was sorat funny cause the lyrics of the song where “gonna get naked by the end of this song” then he rips her bra. Funny eh?

Well, a Jackson flashing a jong boy.

Nothing new.

ROFL gridfox!!! 😀

What the hell is going on with the world!?!? If they can show such obscenity on TV, then I guess Playboy TV is not really “adults only”, is it?! YIKES!!!!!!

so you got to see a nipple on tv for less then a second. It nothing that you haven’t seen before (espically if you are a regular visitor to this site)

I’m failing to see the huge problem with this, i mean it’s nothing, the victoria secrect show has more nudity.

Regardless of what you think of her breast, if it was staged or not, or even her weirdness, it is strange that visitors or regulars to this site would call it obscene or seek censorship. Oh, that’s right you just accidentally happened to have found this site.

hot damn!!! the tity looks all sick itself, she should take it in, see if the docs can get some descent color back into it. Either that she’s been taking her titties to the same doc, her brother has been seeing for his plastic fake ass face….

i can’t believe michael jackson, he’s so crazy, showing his tit to that young boy justin

Thats got to hurt. I thought it was a pasty, not a gigantic nipple ring when i saw it live. I think Timberlake did it on purpose as he reached for it and pulled the shirt off. I don’t think she expected it because she looked stunned and covered it right away.

SHIT Within no time she will walk the same path like her bro

can anybody crack this site: take a look at those cans!

jacko wacko syndrome has spread to the siblings

Don’t know or care if it was planned but it isn’t pretty.

eeeeww thats the nastiest looking boob I’ve ever seen!

if her boob is nice or not, janet jackson was brave in my eyes. it’s pure bigotry to rant over her performance. US citizens really seem to be locked up in a very narrow state of mind

i dislike piercings and do not favour riveted leather clothes. but i also hate taboos of every kind. my two year old learned the word “dog shit” today because – i think i’t useful for him!

so go punish her for her deeds, you will make her a hero of freedom in my eyes. i think she knew what she did.

and, michael, you lost a lot of credibility in criticising her.

Tho U.S. broadcasters ARE ultra conservative about female nipples during the family viewing hour. Ironic if one considers the primary purpose of said nipples.

Is that what U find narrow minded?

Yeah Luc you fuckin suck

What a business woman…. our kind of chick! She proves beyond a reasonable doubt that sex is and will continue to be the strongest force in human kind that can sell just about anything…in her case her upcoming record~.

Time served

Once upon a time congress gave control of the network time servers to Homeland Security. In those days, the brothers made handsome profits in stocks and at the parimutuel. Eventually some of the two-timers got caught with their pants down. It proved to be in their DNA.


Our father that art in heaven, and our mother that art in the earth, help me speak plainly now, and remain true to the lofty aim of our people. Which is, that the devil screw the hindmost, in the strict sense of the subject. Not to give airs, but also not to pretend that when Jack and Jill went up that hill, there was no more to it than a pail of water, we beseech thee (father and mother), as the direct descendants of Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliette, and the old woman who lived in a shoe — guide us on our course.

Help us avoid mention of the smut-covered president, or of the common man, infested with bugs. The woman on the street? Keep her out of your dirty cold war. With your one good eye and half-bushel of fingers, raise the glass and pass the ammunition.

We will now speak of the thermodynamics of the colored people. Once upon a time, all the peoples was colored. Back in the old county. Then we started to spread out, and in some cases, lighten up. And the people that wasn’t colored, tended to live in Iceland. After they’d been to the moon, they all got stuck in the sand.

They placed their trust in a great warrior, who had been through the bankruptcy courts, and she or see would clear the deck and all the frills upon it.

Daphne to Castrata

The black knight complained that he saw the Daphne closed under rynde, grene laurer and the holsome pyne. And in 1634 Habington said to climb yonder forked hill, and see if there in the bark of every Daphne, doth not appeare Castara written.

Urinings for Egypt

They can tell a lot about you by your urinings, so telling is this expression of y0ur kidneys. The last supper was set at the periodic table, or maybe it wqs the next to the last. Judas was pissing silver, and Saint Peter had his cock in his hand. Denail is a river in Egypt.